Meet The Chef

Jude Shroyer

A chef who is dedicated to providing fast, convenient, and delectable meals.

  • Early Culinary Education

    From a young age, my love for culinary arts was evident. At 16, I entered the Institute of Culinary Education in search of where cooking might take me someday. I struggled in the beginning, the load of stress I felt to perform was so much since I was the youngest in the class by 15 years. As it continued I realized that I was more scared of failing then I was motivated to learn. That's when I decided that if I'm going to pursue this industry, I have to do it my way.

  • Italian Restaurant Experience

    I started this job before entering culinary school but knew I wanted to work as a cook. At first I was a dish washer and was soon put into the cashier position where I would package all meals and bring food out to people. Any spare minute I had was spent in the kitchen watching them cook, asking them questions, and having them teach me when it was slow. Day after day I would watch, helping with anything I could just for the chance to work with food.

  • Asian Fusion Restaurant Experience

    I became a Sous-Chef at an Asian fusion restaurant where I saw what it means to work in a restaurant. I was taken in, and quickly became familiar with the environment around me. As the weeks went on I became a sponge to all the knowledge I could. I wanted to know exactly how to cook the entire menu and how/why things were done the way that they were done.

  • Mexican Restaurant Experience

    Looking for something knew, I decided to work in a high end Mexican restaurant. Here I learned routine, unlike my previous experience this new job had already been perfected. I was thrust into a schedule the was set in stone and instead of having a team getting everything done, each person was given specific jobs that they were to perfect. Here is where I learned the importance of punctuality.

Private Dinner Experience

In addition to my restaurant experience I have provided multiple private dinner services over the years. I have learned to play with exciting and delicious food combinations delivered to you in the comfort of your own dining room.

Why Choose Us?

With a diverse culinary background and exceptional skill, I offer personalized and exciting meal plans, catering to client's distinct preferences and dietary needs, from Asian fusion to high-end Mexican and Italian cuisine. With genuine passion and years of experience, I leave a lasting impression on all who savor my creations, whether it's a week's worth of nutritious meals or a special occasion feast. I craft every dish with care and love, displaying profound respect for each ingredient, and my culinary creations reflect my appreciation for the essence of every component, showcasing both my skill and passion for cooking. Ultimately, I serve the customer in the best way possible, catering to your unique preferences and dietary needs while providing a delightful and fulfilling dining experience that exceeds expectations and enriches your live with every bite.